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Query Interface



Developed by Ontoprise
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Last Update 10.05.2007
Current Version [[current version:= <ask format="template" template="CurrentVersion" limit="1" searchlabel="" sort="version number" order="descending" default="no version available"> 1.x/Query Interface *</ask>]]
Homepage [ 1.x/Query Interface Website]
License Free for non-commercial use
NTKVersion 1.2.3

This plugin is used to query the ontology specified. Normally, the query answering process is straighforward -- by right clicking the target ontology, there is an option for query answering.

Functional Description

The Ontology Navigator displays the different ontology projects and their corresponding ontologies. You are able to navigate within the hierarchically arranged elements. Furthermore you can create, change and delete ontology elements. The different possibilities to edit the elements are listed in the appropriate context menu (To open the context menu of an element, click on the element with right mouse button). If an element contains further sub elements, then a plus sign is displayed on the left side of the element. Please click on this plus sign to display the sub elements. In order to close the view of the sub elements, click on the minus sign beside the upper element. Rules are stored in the represented Rules folder, also it is possible to create own rule subfolder in the adequate context menu. Queries can be found in the Queries folder, attributes in the attribute folder, concepts in the concept folder, relations in the relation folder and mappings in the Mappings folder.

User Documentation

Entity Properties for Rules and Queries
In the "Entity Properties" tab you can edit all properties of an element selected from the tree menu.

Selecting a query in the tree menu will display an Entity Property as below:

Query epv.JPG

You can see your query in an text view:

Query flo.JPG

And you can edit your query in an texteditor:

Query text.JPG

Execute Query and get results:

Query execute.JPG

Query results.JPG