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Textual Flogic Editor



Developed by Ontoprise
Review not available
Status not available
Last Update 10.05.2007
Current Version [[current version:= <ask format="template" template="CurrentVersion" limit="1" searchlabel="" sort="version number" order="descending" default="no version available"> 1.x/Textual Flogic Editor *</ask>]]
Homepage [ 1.x/Textual Flogic Editor Website]
License Free for non-commercial use
NTKVersion 1.2.3

This plugin's functionality is simple and straightforward -- the users can directly edit Flogic syntax to edit Flogic-based ontologies.

Functional Description

The F-Logic Editor shows the content of the ontology as F-Logic in a textual editor.

FLO Editor.JPG

User Documentation

In order to open the F-Logic editor, select either Edit F-Logic source or Edit F-Logic source (without instances) from the context menu of an ontology. You get a higher performance when chosing "without instances". In the event of e.g. a renaming the ontology might become inconsistent, because the instances will be untouched.

FLO Editor2.JPG

The editor provides a syntax highlighting, warnings for syntax errors just to name a few. The Outline displays the entities contained in the current edited ontology.