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Developed by Jacopo Penazzi
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Last Update 13.01.2008
Current Version [[current version:= <ask format="template" template="CurrentVersion" limit="1" searchlabel="" sort="version number" order="descending" default="no version available"> 1.x/WikiFactoryDeployer *</ask>]]
Homepage [Project site is temporarily down. Actually all material is available here 1.x/WikiFactoryDeployer Website]
License LGPL
NTKVersion 1.2.3

A tool to generate a semantic wiki from an ontology.


Functional Description

WikiFactoryDeployer provides the automatic generation of semantic wikis (based on Semantic MediaWiki platform) from ontologies.


User Documentation

Technical reports, papers, presentations and demo videos are (temporarily) available at


Before to proceed with installation process make sure your system meets the following requirements:

  • Mediawiki (version 1.11)
  • MySQL database (version >= 5.0.24)
  • Web Server with PHP support (PHP version >= 5.1.5)

To install the WikiFactory Deployer plugin just extract the archive into the plugin directory of your NeOn Toolkit installation path (eg. C:\Programs\NeOn\plugins).

Configuration & Use

At the next start of the NeOn Toolkit you should have a new menu item and a new icon on the toolbar.


WikiFactory Deployer plugin needs some configuration information to work properly.

To access its preference page do as follows.

  • Access the Window menu and select the Preferences... item
  • WFStep1.JPG

  • select the “WikiFactory Deployer” item

A configuration page will be prompt.


Here you have to provide the following information.

Local wiki installation path
It refers to the physical installation path of your Mediawiki wiki, and for example, if you use the Apache Web Server, it will looks like C:\Programs\Apache\htdocs\MyWiki

Semantic Media Wiki / Cicero Installation
With this radio button you can choose what to install at first time you run the WikiFactory Deployer plugin. First option will install the Semantic Media Wiki extension, while the second will install both Semantic Media Wiki and Cicero extensions. If you choose to install the Cicero extension, a Cicero admin account will be created for you using the Wiki Admin account.

Wiki URL
Here you have to provide the URL of your wiki

Wiki Name
Fill with the name you provided during the Mediawiki installation.

Wiki Admin User
You have to fill this textbox with the username of your Mediawiki Wiki Admin account

Database Host
If you are using a local installation of Mediawiki then propably also your database will be local. In this case just fill with the field with “localhost”, otherwise fill it with the IP of your database server.

Database Name
Fill with the database name provided during the installation of your Mediawiki wiki

Database Username
Fill with the database username provided during the installation of your Mediawiki wiki. Notice that the user you specify must have the rights to alter database tables.

Database Password
Again, fill with the password of the database user you provided during the Mediawiki installation.

Database Port
Fill with the port number of your database. A wrong configuration will deny the plugin to connect to the database.
When you finished, click the Apply button.

How to deploy your first ontology

To deploy your ontology do the following:
1. Check your wiki is online (check then that your web server is running)
2. click on the WF toolbar icon or WikiFactory --> Deployer menu
3. a file dialog will be prompt: just select the OWL file you want to deploy and click Open.
4. an input dialog will ask you to provide the ontology default namespace.
5. Just wait that the deployment process completes.
6. When the deploy will be finished the main page of your wiki will be opened into the system default browser.


Q) What happens if I perform a new deploy to my Wiki?

A) Each time you do a new deploy the previous is deleted (means Wiki contents are deleted)

Q) What if I need to repeat the Semantic MediaWiki / Cicero installation process after the first execution?

A) To repeat it do as follows:

1) go to the WikiFactoryDeployer_1.0.0 plugin installation path and access the setup folder
2) delete the INSTALL.DAT file
3) go to your Mediawiki installation path and open the LocalSettings.php.
4) go to the end of the file and remove the following lines


Remove also the following if Cicero extension is installed

5) start the NeOn Toolkit, set your preferences from the plugin preference page and deploy your ontology.