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Developed by Noam Bercovici
Last Update 26.01.2010
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Subversion 2.3.1/Customization Subversion
Bugzilla 2.3.1/Customization Bugzilla
License EPL
Affiliation UKO-LD
Topic Modularization and Customization
NTKVersionFrom 2.3.1
NTKVersionTo 2.3.1
Video 2.3.1/Customization Video

The main purpose of the ontology customization plugin is to propose to an ontology engineer using the NeOn toolkit a simple way to define a customised ontology view corresponding to his need. The plugin perspective integrates the ontology relation browser from Isoco by default. While the user browse the ontology he can select classes or properties which might be relevant for him. Then the user can easily defines a customised view of the ontology from those classes or properties by using the template mechanism. The plugin takes an ontology as a input and retrieve a ontology as an ontology. Altogether, the plugin supports the following functionalities:

  • A filtering mechanism using the annotation properties or/and the datatype properties;
  • A customised ontology view builder which propose to the user a friendly user interface to help him to compose the view definition;
  • A query engine for the query language for OWL ontology SAIQL, the plugin gives the possibility to execute directly SAIQL query.
A natural time to use the plugin is when the ontology engineer is preparing an ontology for certain application then he may decided to view this ontology in a certain way either by filtering via language label or by extracting an ontology related to a specify set of axioms.