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Cyc Question Answering

Developed by Boštjan Pajntar
Last Update 20.11.2009
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Bugzilla 2.3.1/Cyc Question Answering Bugzilla
License EPL
Affiliation JSI
Topic Knowledge Acquisition
NTKVersionFrom 2.3.1
NTKVersionTo 2.3.1
Video 2.3.1/Cyc Question Answering Video

Cyc plug-in enables answering questions given in natural language based on a collection of documents. The user provides a collection of documents from the domain of interest that will be used for answering questions. We have used ASFA abstracts as a collection of documents and ASFA thesaurus in addition to Cyc and WordNet to provide semantic information in the form of synonyms and generalisations of the terms that occur in the documents. AnswerArt technology is used for answering questions provided in natural language. Plugin provides answers to the questions using Cyc and provide contextualised visual representation of the results. The main goal of Cyc plug-in is to provide question answering functionality in contextualized way.

In general we derive answers from a repository of textual documents in the form of triples. The triples get̆ semantically enhanced using Cyc Knowledge Server and other domain ontologies. This also provides contextualisation of knowledge extraction, since different ontologies enhance different triples. The Answer-

Art module provides functionality of question answering, transforming natural language questions into triples queries, visualising and summarising the results.