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Developed by Alessandro Adamou
Last Update 04.02.2010
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Subversion 2.3.1/Kali-ma Subversion
Bugzilla 2.3.1/Kali-ma Bugzilla
License LGPLv3
Affiliation CNR
Topic Human-Ontology Interaction
NTKVersionFrom 2.3.1
NTKVersionTo 2.3.1
Video 2.3.1/Kali-ma Video

Functional Description

The Kali-ma plugin supports NeOn Toolkit users in the discovery, organization and execution of functionalities implemented by other plugins in a running instance of the NeOn Toolkit platform. It offers an alternative interaction mode to the standard Eclipse UI for managing the organization and usage of plugins. Additionally, it provides tools for Java developers and ontology specialists to achieve integration and interoperability of their plugins in the Kali-ma environment.

The main functionalities of Kali-ma are the following:

  • Browse the set of NeOn Toolkit plugins, either installed or known to exist, in an organized tree-like or graph-like view.
  • Find out which plugins installed on the system can execute an activity, implement a functionality or cover a design aspect, and pick a list of favorite tools which will be represented by widgets.
  • Browse access methods for a single plugin and execute them, or let Kali-ma choose for the user.
  • Store a set of favorite plugins as a profile and associate it to one or more ontology development projects for sharing among users.
  • Search a project or the entire workspace for data and metadata such as ontology entities, argumentation sessions and database schema mappings.
  • Allow developers to extend their plugins so that their widgets can execute some of the plugin's functionalities straight from the Kali-ma UI, and trigger the execution of these functionalities either by retrieved project (meta)data or the output produced by other plugins.
  • Support realtime argumentation of project sessions via an online chatboard.