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Developed by Noam Bercovici
Last Update 26.01.2010
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Subversion 2.3.1/SAIQL Subversion
Bugzilla 2.3.1/SAIQL Bugzilla
License EPL
Affiliation UKO-LD
Topic Query engine
NTKVersionFrom 2.3.1
NTKVersionTo 2.3.1
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As one main contribution, SAIQL query language can handle class expressions and property names in addition to class names and individual names. The extraction of these class expressions is of major importance as they provide the definition for a certain class name. Instead of extracting isolated class names and individuals like in OWL-QL, the class names, class expressions, property names and individual names are returned contained in OWL DL axioms. Thus, the result is a fully working OWL DL ontology. The plugin is a SAIQL query engine and an editor to compose those queries.

The plugin can be use at the testing phase form the ontology engineering life cycle and of course at the exploitation time. During the testing phase the ontology engineer can easily find out modelling issue by looking at the result of his queries. During the exploitation the user can use the plugin to query the ontology and to retrieve part of the schema and its corresponding instances.