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Developed by Walter Waterfeld
Last Update 11.03.2010
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Bugzilla 2.3.1/XML Mapping Bugzilla
License EPL
Affiliation Software AG
Topic Knowledge Acquisition
NTKVersionFrom 2.3.1
NTKVersionTo 2.3.1
Video 2.3.1/XML Mapping Video

The plugin allows users of the Neon Toolkit

  • to translate XML schema constructs into ontology classes, attributes and properties. During import of XML schemas the user can choose between the two following modes: i) the order of XML elements within a parent element will not be preserved (simpler case with potential loss of information) ii) the order of XML elements within a parent element will be preserved (more complex case, although order is preserved in the ontology, it might not be visualised on the basic Studio, because this requires extended functionality)
  • to access data that is stored in XML documents i) statically during import process ii) dynamically from a rule using the XML documents URL (only supported in the extended version where rules can be executed)
Note: This plug-in requires the extended Version of the NeOn Toolkit, which is not supported anymore.