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Feb 12 2009. The 3rd NeOn Glowfest was co-located with the 3rd Asian Semantic Web Conference and took place on 3rd February 2009 in Bangkok, Thailand. The Glowfest series of events aim to gather together the members - users and developers - of the NeOn community.

The main goal of the 3rd Glowfest was to announce the winners of our Plugin Developers' Contest and to announce the NeOn Technology Support Center in Korea.

With the project being close to its final year, the focus of presentations was to showcase concrete outcomes and implementations. During the 90 minute event, plugins developed both within and outside NeOn were demonstrated. We are delighted to see these first plugins, being developed by the NeOn community, to provide functionality for the NeOn Toolkit. To honor the efforts put into these developments, it was decided to hold a NeOn Plugin Developer's Contest, whose winners were announced officially at the Glowfest. The winning plugin was presented by their developers, via a video played during the event.

Invited speaker, Professor Han, talked about the launch of the NeOn Technology Support Center in Korea. The Support Center is in charge of disseminating NeOn technology within the Asian market and will also provide localized versions of NeOn software.

We look forward to continued growth of the NeOn community and to hearing from developers about their latest plugins and ideas.

Story By: Holger Lewen

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