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About Us

NeOn's aim is to advance the state of the art in using ontologies for large-scale semantic applications in distributed organisations. Particularly in the NeOn Toolkit, we aim at improving the ability to handle multiple networked ontologies that exist in a particular context, are created collaboratively, and might be highly dynamic and constantly evolving. The NeOn Toolkit is one of the key outcomes of an Integrated Project funded by the European Commission ’s Sixth Framework Programme under grant number IST-2005-027595, involving 14 European partners.

This wiki is intented as collaboration platform for NeOn Toolkit developers and users from both participating organisations and external contributors.

More information about NeOn

NeOn co-ordinator: Prof. Enrico Motta

General website contact: Andreas Harth

The NeOn Foundation further coordinates the development of the NeOn Toolkit.