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Plugin Developer Telco

A large number of plugins based on the OWL API architecture are now available in alpha versions on the update site. We are nearing the January 31 deadline for fixing issues raised in the reviews, so we'd like to touch base with developers in a telco organised as part of the WP6 activity. All plugin developers are invited to attend. In case you cannot make the telco: we'll send around notes, and you are welcome to contact Andreas after the telco took place in case you have questions.


  • Role call (Andreas)
- see bottom attendee list 
  • Problems and pain points for plugin development (All)
- minor issues with Mac/Windows
- increase version number when updating your plugin
- fixes coming from reviews will be checked in end of January (a few plugins 1st week of February)
  • User interface review results and actions for developers (Jens)
- inconsistencies/deviations from the ui guidelines (color scheme...)
- naming issues (view vs. perspective)
- OWL Perspective only views are used (views are restricted / must be saved immediately according to guidelines)
- state of View has to be saved immediately
- otherwise use an Editor and not a View (if you want to change things and save them later) - might be difficult and expensive to change
- About Box should be fixed
- Consider using a wizard when you have many configuration options
- Other plugins should go under the NeOn root tree in Preferences (need to define a category ID)
- Common view names
- Provider names are missing
- common style sheet for Help documentation
- inconsistent views vs editors (no save, no dirty state)
  • AOB


Tuesday, January 26, 2010, 17:00-18:00 CET

Telco Details

Dial-in Numbers:

  • Regular: +49 69 21 08 69 703 (when using a mobile phone or in case the freecall number does not work)
  • Freecall numbers worldwide

Participant code: 45 80 84 96


To support the telco we will have a channel at IRC which is used for notes taking and communication between participants. This is optional, ie. you can participate in the telco without access to IRC.

IRC: server port 6667 Channel: #ntkdev

List with irc clients

Screen Sharing

To support the telco we will use a screen sharing tool. This is optional, ie. you can participate in the telco without access to the screen sharing tool.


  • Andreas Harth, KIT
  • Walter Waterfeld, SAG
  • Michael Erdmann, ONTO
  • Felix Kiechle, KIT
  • Noam Bercovici, UKO-LD
  • Klaas Dellschaft, UKO-LD
  • Freddy Priyatna, UPM
  • Oscar Muñoz, UPM
  • Miguel Angel Garcia, UPM
  • Diana Maynard, USFD
  • Alessandro Adamou, CNR
  • Víctor Méndez, iSOCO
  • Fouad Zablith, KMi-OU
  • Jens Henniger, SAG
  • Mathieu d'Aquin, OU
  • @@@ your name here

Jan 21 2010