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Sep 30 2008.
For companies, projects and users interested in semantic technologies, Vienna was the place to be last week as, for the second year, the city hosted the European Semantic Technology Conference. More than 200 participants from 25 nations were present, showing a clear increase in the interest for semantic technologies, in particular from industries and businesses (more than 65% of the participants). As one of the major projects in the domain, NeOn had a strong presence during this event and attracted a lot of attention.

The tutorial on Semantic Tools organized by José-Manuel Gómez-Pérez was a great opportunity for users and developers of semantic applications to learn about the NeOn Toolkit and its many plugins, thanks to concrete usage examples demonstrated by Michael Erdmann. Despite its title, the tutorial was not exclusively dedicated to tools, but also covered the methodological aspects of building semantic applications, with a presentation of the NeOn methodology by Mari Carmen Suárez-Figueroa. Concrete examples of NeOn-based applications were also included in the program with presentations by José-Manuel Gómez-Pérez and Germán Herrero Cárcel of some of their developments in the pharmaceutical sector. As part of the main conference program, Mathieu d'Aquin and José-Manuel Gómez-Pérez gave a NeOn presentation which included demos of some of the components of the NeOn architecture and of the NeOn Toolkit, as well as well as the description and demonstration of the systems developed within the NeOn case studies in the pharmaceutical sector. The applications of NeOn technologies to the fisheries domain were also covered during the conference, with the presence of Marta Iglesias from FAO. This generated lively discussions on various aspects of NeOn, from the perspectives of both developers and users.

One major objective for NeOn was to take this opportunity to get in contact directly with the users and developers of estc-1.jpgsemantic technologies, which form the core of the NeOn community. In the NeOn booth, participants of ESTC had a chance to discover the latest developments in the project, from various posters & brochures, but more importantly, by talking directly to the members of NeOn. No doubt that thanks to ESTC, NeOn has attracted many new users and developers for the NeOn Toolkit, as more than 80 people went home with one of our NeOn branded USB wristbands.

Story by Mathieu d'Aquin

NeOn Booth Picture: (left to right) Mathieu d'Aquin, Michael Erdmann, Marta Iglesias, José-Manuel Gómez-Pérez

Photographs courtesy of ESTC 2008.

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