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May 24 2007.

ESWC participants glowing as NeOn lights the path forward ESWC participants were positively glowing at the first NeOn Glowfest in Innsbruck on 4th June, which marked the launch of the first version of the NeOn Toolkit.

This release of the NeOn Toolkit was the starting point for the creation of a NeOn Community of users. The Glowfest was the first in a series of events which will bring together developers and users who will have an opportunity to contribute to the evolution of the NeOn Toolkit and Methodology.

Neon collage.jpg

At the opening of the Glowfest, as the audience lit up their souvenir Glowsticks, NeOn Coordinator, Enrico Motta, gave a short overview to the NeOn project and partners. This was followed by a presentation from Hans-Peter Schnurr of ontoprise, who introduced the features of NeOn Toolkit. Last, but not least, Michael Erdmann also from ontoprise, gave a demonstration of the Toolkit itself, inviting all the participants to visit the website and try it out for themselves.

The NeOn Toolkit v1.0 is available at and users are invited to register to receive regular news via our mailing lists, to participate in forum discussions and to be a part of the NeOn community right from the start! Details of the next Glowfest will be announced very soon!