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Gate Webservice

Developed by Diana Maynard
Last Update 10.12.2010
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License LGPL
Affiliation University of Sheffield
Topic Knowledge Acquisition
NTKVersionFrom 2.3.2
NTKVersionTo 2.5
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The GATE web services plugin makes use of various GATE Services which perform annotation on text. The client supplies text and the service responds with semantic annotation relative to the specific ontology. The plugin contains 4 different applications:

  • SARDINE (Species Annotation and Recognition and Indexing of Named Entities)
  • SPRAT (Semantic Pattern Recognition and Annotation Tool)
  • ANNIE (Ontology Generation Based on Named Entity Recognition)
  • TermRaider (Automatic Terminology Extraction Tool)

In the case of the first 3 applications, the tool produces an ontology according to the important concepts,instances and relations found in the text. In the case of TermRaider, the tool produces a set of relevant terms from the text. The plugin is designed for any NeOn toolkit user who wishes to acquire ontological information (concepts, instances etc.) automatically from textual sources (e.g. web pages), or to acquire terms from text which can offer a starting or reference point for a human ontology engineer to develop their ontology, or which can be used as input to other automatic systems such as ontology refinement. The results of the applications may be integrated with existing ontologies by means of the change logging mechanism, or by means of other plugins such as ontology merging.

GATE 1.1.15 (for NTK 2.3.2)

GATE 1.1.16 (for NTK 2.4 and NTK 2.5)