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Known Issues

Here, we list a set of known issues with links to the respective bugs in Bugzilla.

  • SPARQL plugin on Mac does not work. There were issues with relative paths pointing to required libraries that surfaced on Mac (Bug 180). Those have been resolved and will be put into the next pre-release build.
  • Rendering of buttons on the Mac sometimes cut-off (Bug 181). We're working on that.
  • On Mac it does not save in the place you have selected using Browse (Bug 182). We're working on that.
  • There is an issue with loading the OWL ontology itself. The issue surfaces since the OWL ontology file contains a version number, while ontologies in the OWL API had been only referenced by URI alone (Bug 175). A workaround is to remove the version information from the OWL Ontology, but we are working on fixing the issue.