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NTK 2.3 Pre-Release

If you want you can try out our forth-coming version of the NeOn Toolkit. It is based on the OWL-API (v3) to better support the full functionality of the OWL 2 specification. Please note that this version 2.3 of the NeOn Toolkitis just a pre-release. We welcome any feedback about it, e.g. via our Bugzilla page or via emails to the developer-mailinglist.

To download and install plugins, start the NTK and go to Help > Software Updates > Find and Install. Select "Search for new features to install", select the NeOn Toolkit Update Site, select the plugins you'd like to install, and finally accept the license terms. The selected plugins will now be downloaded and installed.

NTK 2.3 is available for:

The latest version is B204 and was uploaded, Dec 15 2009.

Plugin developers should go to the Developer Corner to find instructions about how the the source code and the recommended development environment.

We maintain a list of Known Issues for the pre-release.