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May 21 2007. NeOn Glowfest

Enrico Motta

On behalf of the NeOn Consortium

Invites you to

The NeOn Toolkit Launch

4th June 2007

Co-located with ESWC at Congress Center Innsbruck (Austria) at 18:20 in the Freiburg Hall, 3rd floor

Introduction to the NeOn Toolkit


Enrico Motta

Peter Haase

Hans-Peter Schnurr

Including a demonstration of the NeOn Toolkit

Refreshments and snacks will be provided

NeOn Glowfest is a series of events that aim to gather together the members – users and developers – of the NeOn community.

Be part of it from the beginning and come to the launch of the NeOn Toolkit at ESWC.

The NeOn Toolkit is a set of tools aiming to address the complete lifecycle of contextualized networked ontologies and large-scale semantic applications.

NeOn is an integrated Project (IP), financed by the 6th Framework Programme of the EU (IST-FP6-27595)