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Nov 29 2007.

The 2nd NeOn Glowfest was co-located with the 6th International Semantic Web and the 2nd Asian Semantic Web Conferences and took place on 13th November 2007 in Busan, Korea. The main goal of this Glowfest was to unveil the Open Source version of the NeOn Toolkit, which is now available for download from the NeOn Toolkit Portal. Despite competing for attention in a very busy and high quality schedule, the Glowfest was very successful, attracting a large crowd, which enjoyed the presentations, the drinks and the glowsticks.

Img 5441 small.jpg

The ‘official’ part of the Glowfest lasted 45 minutes and included presentations and demos from Prof. Rudi Studer, Dr Peter Haase, and Dr Mathieu d'Aquin. Prof. Studer gave a brief overview of the project, while Dr Haase introduced two new plug-ins now available for the toolkit: a UML editing interface and an ontology learning functionality, Text2Onto. Finally Dr d’Aquin demonstrated the integration of the Watson Ontology Search Engine with the NeOn Toolkit, thus showing how the latter can now support an ontology development process from reusable components available on the Semantic Web.