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In this page we collect issues that are important for the future enhancement of the NeOn Toolkit.


Official OWL API 3.0.0 release

  • OWL API 3.0.0 was released in January 2010
  • NTK 2.3.1 released in February 2010 is using a pre-release version
  • in between there have been some changes to the OWL API
  • switching to the official release implies changes in the NeOn toolkit core and forces plug-in developer to update their code as well
  • current status --Mer 21:52, 17 May 2010 (UTC)
    • OWL API 3.0.0 has been cast into an Eclipse plug-in
    • needed changes in the NeOn toolkit core have been applied
    • source-forge repository has been updated appropriately
  • next steps
    • now plug-in developers must be informed to act accordingly
    • install new update site
    • upload updated plug-ins
    • created a new built of core NTK
    • annouce NTK 2.3.2



  • clean-up the dependency plug-ins
  • there seems to be a glitch, that NTK is not a proper, clean Eclipse environment
  • it would be good to bundle a couple of useful plug-ins with the toolkit, e.g. Sparql, Reasoner or gOntt.
  • transfer the process for building the toolkit from ontoprise to UKarl
    • general prerequisites (tools, infrastructure, know-how)
    • automated Build Process for nightly builds
  • add KC-Viz to the Core of the NTK

Bug fixes / Enhancements

  • Manchester Syntax
    • Parser and Serializer in the NTK are not fully compliant and should use OWL API wherever possible
    • Syntax highlighting and auto-complete have to be adapted
    • there is an Eclipse project for domain specific languages that could be used for the re-implementation [1]
  • Internally the NTK OWL plug-ins use textual representations of OWL Axioms (for actions and commands). The syntax of these axioms is Kaon2 and should be adapted to OWL API. This could get rid of a number of bugs, immediately, and would also improve performance.
  • source-view must be more robust, esp. for bigger ontologies
  • get rid of the Edit/Save UI in the entity property view
  • complete support of OWL 2 features
  • improve handling of large ontologies (e.g. windowing in lists and trees)
  • improve namespace/import management
  • better support web-ontologies (e.g. make them local or indicate their remote status in the GUI)
  • improve ontology visualizer
  • add text-mode for creating axioms/ontologies
  • Support "cheap reasoning" in the gui,
    • e.g. inherited instances, or properties
    • some consistency checking, e.g. values of functional properties
  • support OWL 2 profiles
  • remote editing (remote access to OWL API)