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How to Write and Package a Plugin

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Setting up NTK and writing the Plugin


  • We use a google code repository for the sources of the (non core) Plugins of NTK.
  • Please commit to:
  • Felix will create the Feature and upload the packaged Feature to the update site
  • Go to the wiki and fill in the form for your plugin
  • Fill in the CODO-o-matic to generate an OWL file which you publish online (this is needed for the KaliMa Plugin)
  • Add the URI of the Codo light description
  • done!


If you made some changes in a plugin which is already on the update site, please proceed as follows:

  • Increase the version number of your plugin. This is even necessary for small changes.
  • Commit the changes on google code or the repository you use.
  • Send an email to


in plugin.xml:

<extension point="">
   <toc extradir="html" primary="true" file="toc.xml"/>

File toc.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<?NLS TYPE=""?>
<toc label="SPARQL Query Plugin">
   <topic label="Introduction" href="html/intro.html"/>
   <topic label="User Documentation" href="html/doc.html"/>
   <topic label="Use Cases" href="html/use.html"/>

Other HTML files in directory html/

Documentation Structure

We fixed the following structure for the Eclipse help documentation during the WP6 Session in St. Goar:

Functional Description

High-level overview of what the plugin does (also in wiki)

User Documentation

How to use the plugin (fairly extensive with screenshots)

Intended Usage in Case Studies

Based on case studies describe what the plugins is useful for