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You can find the latest version of the NeOn Toolkit for internal purposes. This version should support the same features as the last official release (currently the basic configuration restricted to OWL modeling). This version has been tested by us and seems sufficiently stable.

Please find the first version of the migrated NTK in the BasicNTK folder of our FTP-Server:

user: ****
pwd: ****

Make sure to download the latest version.

Please do not use this yet for ontology modeling but only for scrutinizing the code and starting the migration of your plug-ins If you find obvious bugs in the toolkit, please feel free to file them in Bugzilla or send them via mail to me.

Currently we are aware that certain OWL-2 constructs might break the GUI, since not all GUI elements are ready to handle them or gracefully ignore


Current technology requirements

  • B194+ of NTK
  • Eclipse 3.5
  • Java 1.6


Download zip, unzip and execute the *.exe.

To Compile and Run

  • download and install eclipse 3.5
  • download current build
  • run dialog -> new eclipse application

Using 3.4

- import the source projects into the eclipse workspace

- open the file plugin.xml in the project org.neontoolkit.core

- click on the tab, called "dependencies"

- the required plug-ins for the current plugin are displayed on the page. Click on each one, then hit "Properties" and make sure that the available plugin version (shown in the field "Available versions to match") is contained within the set boundaries for minimum and maximum version. You can either modify the version manually or select the available version and hit "Match".

- repeat for each entry in the list of required plug-ins.

- proceed the same way with the plugin.xml of the project

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • download zip file
  • Eclipse: Import -> Existing Projects into Workspace -> Archive File

Update-Site with the new plugins based on OWL API for NTK 2.3: