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Developed by Michael Gesmann
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Last Update 27.03.2008
Current Version [[current version:= <ask format="template" template="CurrentVersion" limit="1" searchlabel="" sort="version number" order="descending" default="no version available"> 1.x/DataSources *</ask>]]
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NTKVersion 1.2.3

Edit data source parameters.


Functional Description


This feature extends the navigation tree by a node named "Datasources". For ontologies that had been generated from data sources like e.g. SQL databases, XML schema files, or web services, this features displays the data sources' parameters like database name, user, password, location of the imported XML schema file, wsdl file of imported web service. Also, users can change those parameters that are specific for a runtime environment and might change when deploying an application from one environment to another one, e.g. from testing to production.


This plugin depends on the representation of data source parameters in ontologies. It is only usable for those ontologies, that had been created as FLogic ontologies via the import wizard. Some of the data sources mentioned above are only available in the extended Toolkit.

User Documentation

The tree node will be shown automatically, when opening the tree. Clicking on the tree node opens a list of child nodes that represent the data sources. Of course this list may be empty. Clicking on one of the displayed nodes shows detail information in the EntityPropertiesView.