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NeOn Toolkit Sources

The sources of the NeOn toolkit are hosted on SourceForge. Please visit Plugin_HowTo for more information. To check out into Eclipse (recommended is the Plugin edition), use with Subclipse, select all sub-projects, right-click Checkout and select As Projects. Subclipse then creates a separate project for each sub-project. Additionally, you have to check out the plugins "formtemplate" and "KCVisualizer" and the corresponding features (see below, plugin SVN repository) to get the currently published version.

To make the NeOn Toolkit run in the most eclipse versions, you have to set the target platform using the file "" in project "org.neontoolkit.application". In order to launch the NeOn Toolkit from Eclipse you can use "NTK.launch".

The sources of the Plugins are either hosted at the central Google Code repository, or at individual partners' repositories. We are working on consolidating the plugin code and put at least a link to the repository into the plugin page.

The plugin SVN repository URL is Commit via More info at Google Code.

Mailing List

If you are interested in plugin development please subscribe to the NeOn plugin developers mailing list.

Please note that we also maintain a mailing lists for users.

Almost Weekly Build

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Migrate your plug-in from NTK v2.3.1 to NTK v2.3.2

As of NTK v2.3.2 we are using the released version of the OWL API v3.0.0 (as of January 2010). There were a couple of changes in the API compared to the alpha versions we were using before. Most changes have been taken care of by the OwlModel plugin of the NeOn Toolkit already. Only two things had to be changed in all core-plug-ins. The situation should be the same for most other plug-ins as well.

  1. OwlEntities now have IRIs instead of URIs
    OwlEntity someEntity;
    someEntity.getIRI() instead of someEntity.getURI()
  2. an OwlModel helper class method has been renamed
    OWLUtilities.toIRI(someIdentifier) instead of OWLUtilities.toURI(someIdentifier)
  3. Some methods for Entiy and Axiom classes have changed (thanks to Fouad Zablith for sending this list)
    getReferencedClasses() --> getClassesInSignature()
    getReferencedEntities() --> getSignature()
    setPhysicalURIForOntology() --> setOntologyDocumentIRI()
    loadOntologyFromPhysicalURI() --> loadOntology()

If you check out the NeOn Toolkit from source forge the new API is included and you will most likely get compilation errors in your plug-ins. If you change the things mentioned above you should be back on track again.

Integrate your Plug-in into the NeOn methodology plug-ins

  • Plug-in Integration with gOntt: - Page with information about the integration with gOntt plug-in.
  • For conceptual, high-level plugin integration (eg. using the Kali-ma plugin), it is advisable that developers provide a description of their plugin's mechanics and purposes in OWL. The CODO-o-matic form can assist developers in building a minimal description.

Bug Tracker

  • Bugzilla Tracker
  • Bugs could be posted on the Forum ( Please use Bugzilla instead.

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