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Developed by Raonne Barbosa-Vargas, Oscar Munoz-Garcia, Oscar Corcho
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Last Update 27.03.2008
Current Version [[current version:= <ask format="template" template="CurrentVersion" limit="1" searchlabel="" sort="version number" order="descending" default="no version available"> 1.x/OWLDoc *</ask>]]
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NTKVersion 1.2.3

Documentation of an ontology implemented using OWL

Functional Description

The OWLDoc plugin adds to the NeOn Toolkit an option to export an OWL-DL ontology as an HTML Documentation. This plugin uses the KAON2 API to extract information from the OWL Ontology and creates an output that contains an organized set of HTML files that provide the documentation about the ontology and all its resources

User Documentation

To use the OWLDoc plugin, simply select the Export option in the File Menu or after right-clicking in the explorer. In the Export menu, select the OWLDoc Export Wizard in the NeOn Toolkit category. In the OWLDoc menu, select the project and the ontology you want to export. Select the directory where the HTML files of the documentation should be stored, and click Finish.