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This is an outdated version please go to the newer version: Download/2.3.2.

NTK 2.3 is available for:

Version B242 was uploaded Feb 8 2010.

To download and install additional features, start the NTK and go to Help > Software Updates > Find and Install. Select "Search for new features to install", select the NeOn Toolkit Update Site, select the plugins you would like to install, and finally accept the license terms. The selected plugins will now be downloaded and installed.

We welcome any feedback, e.g. via our Bugzilla page or via emails to the developer-mailinglist.

We are maintaining a list of known issues.

An extended configuration of the NeOn Toolkit is also available, which contains a set of sophisticated plugins for developing F-logic ontologies with rules, for integrating external data sources, for mapping between ontologies, and much more. Most of these plug-ins are proprietary and can be evaluated using a temporary license. You can get the extended toolkit for different platforms from a dedicated web page.

Note: support for the extended configuration of the NeOn Toolkit has been discontinued. If you are looking for a comparable product you will be satisfied with OntoStudio.