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Intelligent Software Components, S.A.


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"iSOCO was founded in 1999 as a spin-off by the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas or CSIC, (Spanish National Research Council), with the idea to put academic investigation on the market. It began operating in Barcelona with a group of five researchers from The Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA), part of the CSIC.

In June and September 2000, aiming to be closer to its customers and other university centres, iSOCO opened new branches in Madrid and Valencia.

In October 2000 it closed its first financial round with the participation of many leading shareholder companies, making it possible to invest in the development of new products and innovative solutions like iQuotes®, a powerful electronic business tool, and GETsee®, Structured and Unstructured Computer Programming in Internet and its intelligent management.

iSOCOLab, iSOCO´s research centre, was created in January 2001 with three main aims: To maintain the company’s high technological standard, to develop new prototypes for future products and to ensure innovation in the application of new technology in various procedures.

In May 2001 the need for more space has been solved by moving the head office to a new building in Barcelona. The opening ceremony was led by the Science and Technology Minister, Mrs Anna Birulés.

During 2002, iSOCO adapted to the market environment and strengthens its position as a pioneering company in the better use of new technology in its customers’ business. In the same year, iSOCO acquired 40 new customers.

Since 2004 iSOCO closed a new financial round that situated the company as a world leader in Semantic Web development, and participated in many international projects in this area".