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Developed by Qiu Ji
Last Update 08.06.2010
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Subversion RaDON Subversion
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License EPL
Affiliation AIFB
Topic Ontology Evaluation
NTKVersionFrom 2.3.2
NTKVersionTo 2.4.2
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The purpose of the RaDON plug-ins is to deal with inconsistency and incoherence occurring in networked ontologies. Specifically, RaDON provides two plugins to deal with a single ontology or an ontology network. In the plugin of “Repair a Single Ontology”, the following specific functionalities are provided:

  • Handle incoherence: This functionality corresponds to the button of “Handle Incoherence” which can be activated if the ontology is incoherent. That is, there is at least one unsatisfiable concept in the ontology. All the minimal unsatisfiability-preserving subsets (MUPS) can be computed for each unsatisfiable concept;
  • Handle inconsistency: This corresponds to the button of “Handle Inconsistency” which is activated if the ontology is inconsistent. That is, there is no model for the ontology. All the minimal inconsistent subsets (MIS) can be calculated;
  • Repair automatically: This corresponds to the button of “Repair Automatically”. If the button of “Repair Automatically” is pressed, our algorithm will provide some axioms to be removed to keep the coherence or consistency of the ontology. Specifically, this can be done by computing the minimal incoherence-preserving subsets (MIPS) or MIS respectively and then choosing automatically some axioms to be removed.
  • Repair manually: This corresponds to the button of “Repair Manually”. If this button is activated, a new dialog will be shown with the information of MIPS or MIS which are computed based on the found MUPS or MIS respectively. The user could choose the axioms to be removed by themselves.
In the plugin of “Repair and Diagnose Ontology Network”, the similar functionalities in the plugin above are given. The main difference is that this plugin is to repair and diagnose a mapping between two ontologies by assuming the two source ontologies are more reliable than the mapping itself.