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Sep 22 2008. The Second Annual European Semantic Technology Conference (ESTC) will be held in Vienna from 24-26 September 2008. ESTC is the only European conference that brings together a global community of practitioners working to apply semantic technology in the commercial environment.

ESTC2008 aims to continue its success by bringing together an impressive mix of diverse international experts in order to target the commercialization of semantic technology. NeOn will be sponsoring ESTC2008 and represented by its partners who will be contributing to the conference by presenting and demonstrating NeOn technologies and applications.

There will be many opportunities to learn more about NeOn and to discuss NeOn with its researchers, developers and practitioners at ESTC2008. The NeOn Toolkit and several of its plugins produced by NeOn partners will be used in the Semantic Tool tutorial on Wednesday 24 September led by José-Manuel Gómez-Pérez and assisted by other members of NeOn. On Thursday 25 September, Mathieu d'Aquin and José-Manuel Gómez-Pérez will present ‘Neon - Lifecycle Support for Networked Ontologies a Case Study in the Pharmaceutical Domain'. The Great NeOn Giveaway

At the NeOn booth, participants will be able to sample the NeOn Toolkit, its plugins and three prototype applications, both in the pharmaceutical and in the fisheries domain.

The first 30 participants to visit the NeOn booth will receive an exclusive NeOn USB wristband with the latest version of the NeOn Toolkit ready to run on any computer.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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